By: Betty Durocher

Make This The Year To Be Prepared!

Tags: power failures, flood, preparedness

Some homeowners dismiss persistent reports about our increasing susceptibility to extreme weather conditions and the growing risk of weather-related damage.  While it's true that statistically it's unlikely you will ever be in the direct path of a hurricane, tornado, flood, wildfire, or lightening bolt, it's short-sighted to underestimate the broader effects of such occurrences.  For example, large-scale power failures can happen to any community, as can water table contamination.  Furthermore, municipal systems reliant upon valuable computer data to deliver services could fall victim to unpredictable stoppages, causing anything from mild inconveniences to disastrous disruptions.

Having an increased awareness of these possibilities simply means you can ensure you're prepared in case such an event befalls you and/or your family.  For example, every home should be equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit and a fire extinguisher, as well as several days' worth of potable water, and at least a week's supply of canned foods and essential medications.  Furthermore, be sure to have cash on hand and let your family know where to meet or how to stay in touch during an emergency.