By: James Watters RHI, Canspec Building Services Inc.

What's The Deal With All This Heat?

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I haven't been this hot at work since I worked in restaurants! The heat can have an adverse effect on your home when prolonged.  Window seals and roofing on the south side of the house tend to wear quicker than the rest. The air conditioner is working over time so keep the filter clean and clean the coil with a garden hose a couple of times a summer. We sometimes see extreme showers after a heat wave so that the water management again becomes something to watch closely. When it comes to your home, water is essential to keep your plumbing moving and to allow us to function day to day, but it is also true that unwanted water, in the form of leakage, seepage or even humidity can be downright scary!

I tell my clients that I have seen 150 year old houses that are in fantastic shape and 15 year old houses that are very, very rough. It's hard to imagine that the builder of this house in 1860 could even fathom the fruit of their labour existing in 2018, but they did something right when building the house.

Maintenance is the key and specifically managing moisture in and around the house.  We send out maintenance guides in our newsletters regularly, but I wanted to give you a sense of what good maintenance practices can do for you and your clients, particularly with the extreme weather we have been having of late.

The Big Three:

GRADING-make your property like a Pitcher's mound, with your house in the middle, draining water away from the foundation.

GUTTER SYSTEMS-make sure they are sized properly for the house and that the down spouts are discharging away from the house-preferably six feet away.

GREENERY-keep foliage and gardens away from the foundation and trees away from the house.

Roof maintenance, caulking, paint, brick or siding condition, and chimneys are all areas to regularly maintain.

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