By: By Catherine Musgrove Feb 5, 2020 from REW

What Is The Formula For Calculating A Monthly Mortgage Payment?

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Flour, sugar, milk and maybe chocolate chips? Trying to determine your monthly mortgage payment is like trying to bake a cake without the recipe. Having all the information before you start house hunting means you will have the right recipe for success.  Part of creating a smooth process for yourself when purchasing a new home is being well prepared — the fewer surprises during th...Read More

By: For REW By Catherine Musgrove Jan 29, 2020

How To Save For A Down Payment

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As you know, the amount of money you put forward as a down payment is subtracted from the total price of the home so the more the better in reducing your monthly payments. Map out how long it is going to take you to save the required amount. It is common for it to take two to three years. Keep this in mind before you start your search. When looking for how much you will need, you will undoubtedly...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

Make This The Year To Be Prepared!

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Some homeowners dismiss persistent reports about our increasing susceptibility to extreme weather conditions and the growing risk of weather-related damage.  While it's true that statistically it's unlikely you will ever be in the direct path of a hurricane, tornado, flood, wildfire, or lightening bolt, it's short-sighted to underestimate the broader effects of such occurrences.&n...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

Kids Need To Understand Personal Data

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The risks and benefits of data collection may be incomprehensible to most children but it is important for them to know that information about them is constantly being collected from their smartphones.  Even children need to be thoughtful about what facts and images they choose to share as they build a digital footprint throughout the course of their lives.  In other words, they need to ...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

Newer Paints and Painting Tools

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If you are planning to repaint one or more of your rooms and you decide to take on the task yourself be sure to check out the newest products available. You can now buy paint that actually kills bacteria making it a good option for bathrooms and kitchens.  If you're painting a child's room (or a home office) you might love the idea of specialty paints that allow kids (or other creativ...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

New Products For The Summer

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If you're a gardener, a camper, a traveller, or simply "a stay-outdoors" type some of the following products might catch your attention this summer: A self-enclosed portable fire pit with a fully visible flame and a cooktop accessory.  It burns wood or charcoal and allows you to control the flame's size and reducte its smoke output with your Bluetooth app and a detachable...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

Be Prepared For Power Failures

Tags: power disruptions, emergency supplies, battery-powered devices, generator

We are all vulnerable to unexpected power disruptions but with a few advance preparations potential inconveniences and dangers can be avoided or at least minimized. As a starting point, every home should have emergency supplies that include basics such as candles and matches, flashlights, and fresh batteries, a first-aid kit, and at least once large jug of fresh water. Wherever possible, it is als...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

Tips To Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder

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  As the sun continues to rise later and set sooner over the last few months of the year, our exposure to daylight diminishes.  This can cause disruptions to our body's biorythms, as well as reduce our absorption of Vitamin D.  Scientific studies have continued to gather more and more evidence about the negative impact of these changes.  Now solutions have started to eme...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

Cool Products For Your Home

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      A fixture adapter to connect your antique lamp to your whole-home command centre or its own remote-control switch. Concrete, ceramic, porcelain and laminate flooring tiles, strips or planks that look and, in some cases, even feel like real barn boards but without the slivers. A wood treatment that penetrates new boards to make them look worn and tints them to a grey co...Read More

How To Turn Off and Drain Outdoor Water Lines and Faucets

By: Canspec Building Services

How To Turn Off and Drain Outdoor Water Lines and Faucets

Tags: outdoor water lines, outdoor faucets, winterize

Before the first freeze of the season, be sure to turn off your home's outdoor water supply and drain the exterior pipes, including any outdoor faucets and hoses: Locate and turn off the outdoor water shut-off valve. Your home's outdoor water shut-off valve is usually located near the ceiling, on the inside of the wall where the outdoor faucet is located. If the outdoor shut-off va...Read More