By: Betty Durocher

New Products For The Summer

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If you're a gardener, a camper, a traveller, or simply "a stay-outdoors" type some of the following products might catch your attention this summer: A self-enclosed portable fire pit with a fully visible flame and a cooktop accessory.  It burns wood or charcoal and allows you to control the flame's size and reducte its smoke output with your Bluetooth app and a detachable...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

Be Prepared For Power Failures

Tags: power disruptions, emergency supplies, battery-powered devices, generator

We are all vulnerable to unexpected power disruptions but with a few advance preparations potential inconveniences and dangers can be avoided or at least minimized. As a starting point, every home should have emergency supplies that include basics such as candles and matches, flashlights, and fresh batteries, a first-aid kit, and at least once large jug of fresh water. Wherever possible, it is als...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

Tips To Avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder

Tags: seasonal, sun, Vitamin D, light therapy, Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD

  As the sun continues to rise later and set sooner over the last few months of the year, our exposure to daylight diminishes.  This can cause disruptions to our body's biorythms, as well as reduce our absorption of Vitamin D.  Scientific studies have continued to gather more and more evidence about the negative impact of these changes.  Now solutions have started to eme...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

Cool Products For Your Home

Tags: home command centre, flooring options, smart technologies, household items, robots

      A fixture adapter to connect your antique lamp to your whole-home command centre or its own remote-control switch. Concrete, ceramic, porcelain and laminate flooring tiles, strips or planks that look and, in some cases, even feel like real barn boards but without the slivers. A wood treatment that penetrates new boards to make them look worn and tints them to a grey co...Read More

How To Turn Off and Drain Outdoor Water Lines and Faucets

By: Canspec Building Services

How To Turn Off and Drain Outdoor Water Lines and Faucets

Tags: outdoor water lines, outdoor faucets, winterize

Before the first freeze of the season, be sure to turn off your home's outdoor water supply and drain the exterior pipes, including any outdoor faucets and hoses: Locate and turn off the outdoor water shut-off valve. Your home's outdoor water shut-off valve is usually located near the ceiling, on the inside of the wall where the outdoor faucet is located. If the outdoor shut-off va...Read More

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Real Estate Professional

By: Real Estate Council of Ontario

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Real Estate Professional

Tags: experience, services, licensed real estate sales representative, fees, references

So you’re ready to buy or sell your home, and you want the guidance of a real estate professional to help you with the process. But how do you pick the one that is right for you? “It’s always a good idea to meet with at least a few different real estate professionals before selecting the one you’d like to work with,” says Joseph Richer, registrar of the Real Estate C...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

Giving Outdoor Furniture a Facelift

Tags: wicker, furniture, restoration, slip-covers

As the summer stretches on, and your patio furnishings start to show the signs of use, you may want to try these simple ways of restoring them to their original lustre. Before trying any of these techniques, always test in an inconspicuous area first.  For vinyl cushions and fabrics without specific instructions for upkeep, try a mixture of water and mild detergent with an "oxi-cleansin...Read More

By: James Watters RHI, Canspec Building Services Inc.

What's The Deal With All This Heat?

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I haven't been this hot at work since I worked in restaurants! The heat can have an adverse effect on your home when prolonged.  Window seals and roofing on the south side of the house tend to wear quicker than the rest. The air conditioner is working over time so keep the filter clean and clean the coil with a garden hose a couple of times a summer. We sometimes see extreme showers after...Read More

By: Wikipedia

What is Canada Day?

Tags: Canada Day, celebration, holiday

    Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is the national day of Canada. A federal statutory holiday, it celebrates the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the Constitution Act, 1867 (then called the British North America Act, 1867), which united the three separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and&...Read More

By: Betty Durocher

Municipal Land Transfer Tax

Tags: municipal tax, land transfer, Ontario, home ownership, millennials, affordablility

According to the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) York Region Council has asked all provincial parties in the Ontario election to allow municipalities to introduce a Municipal Land Transfer Tax, or MLTT. The MLTT will double the land transfer tax burden on Ontario home buyers. Buying a home is part of the Canadian dream. The overwhelming majority of Ontarians believe the government sho...Read More